ILEEM - Program

Scientific Program 2023

Day 1 – December 15th 2023


MODERATORS: Christoph Starck (Germany), Nigel Lever (New Zealand)

08:45 Welcome
Christoph Starck (Germany)

Evidence in TLE-procedures


The three most important TLE publications in 2023

Christoph Starck (Germany)


Are we ready for an international lead extraction registry?

Mark Gallagher (UK)


How to manage the tricuspid valve in CIED patients

Ray Schaerf (USA)

11:15 Coffee Break

TLE expert level techniques

1130 Lead extraction procedures in patients with PFO
Alex Breitenstein (Switzerland)

Extraction for venous occlusion – How to manage venous recanalization
Archana Rao (UK)

13:00 Kissing sheath technique – Tandem 2.0 or completely new technique?
Nigel Lever (New Zealand)


Lunch Break

Management of complex extractions – Interactive case based session

(10 min presentation/10 minutes discussion)
14:45 Expert Case #1 Samer Hakmi (Germany)
15:05 Expert Case #2 Nigel Lever (New Zealand)
15:25 Expert Case #3 Thomas Beaver (USA)
15:45 Expert Case #4 Alex Breitenstein (Switzerland)
16:05 Expert Case #5 Zaki Akhtar (UK)
16:25 Expert Case #6 Frank Bracke (Netherlands)
16:45 Expert Case #7 Ray Schaerf (USA)


Coffee Break
Keynote Lecture:
17:30 My journey in the lead extraction business
Roger Freedman (USA)
20:00 Dinner (open end)


Day 2 – December 16th 2023


MODERATORS: Christoph Starck (Germany), Nigel Lever (New Zealand)

Management of TLE patients

09:00 Alternative ways to treat pocket infections
Kamil Sedlacek (Czech Republic)
09:45 Leadless pacing for simultaneous re-implantation in TLE procedures for CIED infections
Sergio Richter (Germany)
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 After a serious complication. What next?
Nigel Lever (New Zealand)
11:45 Requirements for adequate post extraction care
Christoph Starck (Germany
12:30 Lunch

Simulation in TLE procedures - Optimizing outcomes in team performance

13:30 Evaluating the Evolution Simulator
Nigel Lever (New Zealand) & all participants
14:15 Live team training in simulation OR (protocol development)
Christoph Starck (Germany) & all participants
15:30 Closing remarks
16:00 End of Meeting

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